April 10, 2018   Faculty Of Science Bimonthly Bulletin

On 8th January 2018, the DADO for Chiradzulu District, Mr. Isaac Ali visited the FlaskMush project. The aim of the visit was to encourage the project on the activities it is doing in the district and to also appreciate the plans that have been set for 2018. The officer also provided technical advice for the implementation of 2018 plans. He emphasized that the project should target households and not put much emphasis on women to ensure harmony in the families and that the project should identify ready markets for mushrooms for the farmers and attach them to these markets. Moreover, contacts should be made with the university communities, chain stores etc, where the project could sell the mushrooms for the farmers while introducing them to the markets, so that later the farmers should be able to reach out to the markets on their own. The DADO emphasized that he and his team are willing and ready to work with the project to ensure that there is improvement in the lives of the farmers in his district through the project.

The project has planned to construct 250 mushroom shades in 2018 in Chiradzulu district alone. Construction of these started in January 2018 with farmers who are ready with the necessary materials. In his closing remarks, the Principal Investigator, thanked the DADO and his team for their time and contributions to the project

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