March 18, 2016   Faculty Of Science
From 10 - 13 March 2015, the Faculty of Science leadership joined the rest of Chancellor College Deans of Faculties and Heads of Departments who attended a leadership orientation workshop at Nkopola Holiday Resort in Mangochi, organised by the College to acquaint the new leaders, most whom having just been appointed to serve from January 2015, with leadership and managerial skills.

In his opening address, the University of Malawi (UNIMA) Vice Chancellor, Professor John Kalenga Saka, hailed the College leadership for organizing the workshop, which, he said, is an important step in positioning the College as a leader in academic excellence. He emphasized on the need for leaders to know all the rules, regulations and procedures governing the operations of UNIMA to be able to lead better. He further encouraged that each leader should have a vision, live by example to inspire and motivate the faculty, and should be a team player in achieving common goals. He advised that functional teams should not be built around a person. Earlier on, the Principal of Chancellor College, Associate Professor Richard Tambulasi, urged the leaders to work hard if UNIMA and Chancellor College in particular is to maintain being a premier University in Malawi given that more universities are now coming up. He then emphasized on the need for aggressiveness in resource mobilization in order for the College to achieve its goals as set in the UNIMA and College strategic plans.

Topics covered during the training included UNIMA policy and administrative law; UNIMA administrative systems; Leadership and organizational politics; Understanding Student Assessment, Registration and Information Systems (SARIS); Understanding public procurement; Financial management for non-financial managers; The role of audit in UNIMA; Managing change; Resource mobilization; An overview of Malawi Government policies and governance issues; Public financing and budgeting process; Organizational communication; The role of Heads and Deans in academic excellence; Office procedures; Strategic planning; and Disciplinary action and the law and dispute settlement. The leaders had also team building sessions during which they played games together and held informal discussions on collegial issues.   

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