April 10, 2018   Faculty Of Science Bimonthly Bulletin

Chancellor College’s Faculty of Science through the Flask Mushroom Project led by Dr. Placid Mpeketula participated in a tree planting exercise that took place on 11th January 2018 at Chigumula Forest in Blantyre where 6,000 indigenous trees were planted. The exercise was organised by Weather Chasers, a WhatsApp Group whose Chairperson is Prof Sosten Chiotha.

Gracing the occasion was the Vice President of Malawi Dr. Saulos Claus Chilima who encouraged Malawians to combat effects of climate change and deforestation through planting and taking care of

existing trees. The Vice President observed that natural disasters being experienced were a result of massive deforestation. He underscored the need for Malawians to practice afforestation and re-afforestation in order to conserve natural resources. Chilima appealed to Malawians to safeguard against any wanton cutting down of trees for the betterment of future generations.

Chairperson of Malawi Weather Chasers and Regional Director of the Leadership for Environment and Development (Lead) Southern and Eastern Africa, Professor Sosten Chiotha explained that if the present generation does not plant trees, it would be doing injustice to future generations. Chiotha hinted that trees are one of the valuable resources needed by every country, hence the group’s decision to plant more trees.

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