The BSc Prorgramme is a generic 4-year degree programme that offers students chance to decide, usually at third year, the discipline they want to specialize or major in. This could be Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Geology/Earth Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Human Ecology. The first two years bring the students to A-level equivalent. They provide the basic foundation for studying the majoring subjects at third and fourth years, where they take more courses in the majoring disciplines although students can also choose a broad-based subject combination, taking modules from a variety of disciplines (usually at most three).

Our graduates demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the basic principles underplaying science in general; and an in-depth understanding of their respective disciplines of specialization. Above all, they display rare skills, qualities and attributes void in many graduates including:  

Intellectual and analytical skills

  • They are able to critically analyze problems and devise logical and structured solution methods

  • They are able to manipulate/analyze data and draw up logical conclusions

  • They are able to critically evaluate scientific literature

Practical skills

  • They are able to conduct laboratory practicals and/or fieldwork safely and successfully.

  • They are able to design, undertake scientific investigations and report

Transferable skills

  • They are able to communicate effectively in both written and oral form

  • They are able to numerate and approach problems in a logical and structured manner

  • They are able to work effectively as part of a team

  • They are familiar with Information Technology operations and resources

  • They are able to work independently

  • They are able to effectively plan and manage projects 

Programme Specification

Awarding Institution

University of Malawi

Teaching Institution

Chancellor College

Programme Title

Bachelor of Science




Biological Sciences

Length of Programme

4 years

Final award

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Mode of Study

Full Time

Admission criteria

At least six credits at MSCE including English and science subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Physical Science, Geography, Home Economics, and Computer Studies.

 A level students start second year provided they have required pre-requisites

 Mature entry with Diploma in relevant field from a recognized Higher Education Institution; and two years of working experience in relevant field


For more information about the programme structure and route maps, call at the faculty at

Chancellor College | Faculty of Science

P. O. Box 280 | Zomba | Malawi

Tel: +265 (0) 1 525 300, +265 (0) 111 951 142 

Email: / 



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