2016 - 2016

The project team includes members from the Physics Department.


use of bicycle transport in Malawi and the lack of electricity connections to many households in rural areas of Malawi. According to statistics, over 80 % of the country's population relies on bicycle transport as the main mode and thousands of men are earning their living through bicycle taxi service. Data also show that about 50 % of the households in Malawi own a bicycle.

In Malawi, close to 6 million people use mobile phones and yet electricity connection is around seven percent which leaves other mobile phone users to access phone charging service at local trading centers where they spend approximately 15 USD per year on simply charging one mobile phone. The cost is even larger with phones whose batteries do not last long after being charged and it is also even higher for those having more than one mobile phone.


Padoko charger has an approximate cost of 4 USD and can last up to 2 years being used for charging mobile phones. The charger also powers a torch which can be used for lighting at home thereby reducing the cost people made on buying dry cells to power their torches. It can also be used by students who travel long distances on bicycle in rural areas to reach to their schools to charge a torch that can be used for studies at night. Padoko is a life saver.

Furthermore, there are already rechargeable radios/mp 3 players on the market which can be powered by Padoko charger. We will make these radios affordable and accessible to rural masses so that all people should have access to information but at a cheaper price and low cost of managing the device by reducing money spent on buying dry-cells to power radios.

Padoko charger has potential of changing the face of Africa and the whole world as we have already received orders from more countries across the globe to supply them with the product once we have mass production.


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