2016 - 2016

The project team includes members from the Physics Department.


Dr. Chomora Mikeka was on 12th January, 2015 nominated by Malawi Government to coordinate AFRA-NEST activities in Malawi. This is the African Network for Nuclear Education, Science and Technology (AFRA-NEST) endorsed by the IAEA from the 2013 1st General Assembly resolutions by the IAEA Member States in Arusha, Tanzania. As part of the activities in establishment of the Malawi-NEST, Dr. Mikeka has recruited a brilliant final year undergraduate student named Mixon Faluweki to study and develop a portable low-power Geiger Muller counter.

"This portable low power Geiger-Muller counter is essential for studying (detecting) radiation intensities (levels) across Malawi as it will enable researchers carry it to all sites where research is to be conducted. The low power of the Geiger Muller counter is crucial for field work as it will enable researchers use the gadget for a long period of time without a need for replacing the battery. As part of Malawi's Nuclear Education Science and Technology (Malawi-NEST) program, development of the Geiger-Muller counter locally would enhance our research in nuclear science as well as showing our innovative skills. Students in our schools will also be motivated in learning nuclear science when they use this product while carrying out experiments to do with Nuclear radiations. In short, the portable Geiger-Muller counter is a great tool for the growth of Nuclear Education and Engineering in Malawi."

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